Singto Prachaya Ruangroj

What I Like How he is trying to be a good role model, BIG respect towards his fans! His hobby of posting quotes! How he is improving his acting and everything else!

⋆★Dislike If I had one reason to dislike, I would kill myself⋆★

Singto Prachaya is a Thai model and a newbie actor! He graduated from Kaestart University faculty of Economics and he also graduated from Bangkok University faculty of Communications and Art! He earned a big fame through his drama SOTUS: The Series.

If I have to describe him, right now, on his situation I would say he is a husband material :blush:after stalking him and watching his videos I leaned that he is very calm, reserved, and a quiet person. As Krist described him, he likes to be alone, he loves reading books, he is very fluent in English.

SOTUS: The Series(Main lead)

U-Prince: The Series(supporting lead)

Little Big Dream(extra)

SOTUS S: The Series(main lead)

⋆★Date Of Birth: July 28, 1994 (22)★⋆

⋆★Place Of Birth: Bangkok, Thailand★⋆

⋆★Height: 179 cm★⋆

⋆★Weight: 56 kg★⋆

⋆★Shirt Size: M, S★⋆

⋆★Blood Type: O★⋆

⋆★Shoe Size: 41★⋆

⋆★Favorite Colors: Black, gold, white and gray★⋆

⋆★Favorite Sport: Basketball★⋆

⋆★Favorite Place: Sea★

⋆★Favorite Food: Pizza, Dessert, cake★⋆

⋆★Allergic: Seafood★⋆

⋆★Special Skill: Master in English and photography★⋆

⋆★Dislikes: Lie and Insincere person★⋆

⋆★Favorite movies: About Time, Inside Out :joy: and Harry Potter★⋆

⋆★Favorite Artist: Adele Laurie, Blue Adkins, and Off Pongsak★⋆

⋆★Fear: Bee, Ant, and Cockroach★⋆

⋆★Pets: Cat and Parrot★⋆

Instagram: __Singto

Twitter: @stjinx_Maya