”祈安”, the Chinese title of “Pray in Love“, means praying for peace in traditional Taiwanese culture,keeping you safe is my mission. So no matter what happens to you, I will definitely help you find out the truth…

upcoming project “Qi An” which stars Zheng Nan Zhong and Huang Li Feng. It revolves around Officer Yuan, a policeman searching for Xian An, an orphan and illegitimate son of the family Yang.


Qi-Ans mother was framed and sent to prison by his fathers family (The Yangs), where she eventually committed suicide. Since then Qi-An has tried to uncover the truth and expose his fathers family. He gets close to police officer Yuan Shao-Hu, who agrees to help Qi-An investigate the truth even after discovering his true identity. One day he is approached by the Yangs to join their family and form a political alliance through marriage with the daughter of another affluent family. Qi-An agrees, he plans to use their wedding as a platform to expose the evil deeds the Yangs have committed. But his father is one step ahead of his plan. The events at the wedding lead his father into being successfully elected as mayor. Qi-An falls into a deep depression, how will Shao-Hu help Oi-An overcome this obstacle?