Kim is a handsome executive with a discreet personality. He is the definition of a Perfectionist. He took up the position of Executive Director of Hotel Villa De Bangkok after his parents passed away. He has been taking care of the entire hotel and his only sister. He has secrets that he can’t tell anyone. Ryu is the talented pâtissier of Hotel Villa De Bangkok and specializes in desserts. He is a good-looking young man who always has a bright smile with the belief that sweets give joy to everyone. Paul is the handsome, charming, heir to Hotel Villa De Bangkok partners. He is a playful and flirtatious man. Ladies can’t deny his charm. Although forced to be a strong rival with Kim the other heir to the hotel since childhood, Paul has never let it affect their friendship. Jim is a close friend of the hotel owner. He is also the Head Chef of the restaurant. Under that smiling face, he is perfect at hiding his true feelings. Jim has his own dreams and he endeavors to accomplish them, even if he has to go through a lot of difficulties.